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Hey everyone!

Since I got quite a few commissions requests lately, p-oyou and I thought it'd be a good idea to give a try at doing collab commissions!

These would be fully rendered character commissions, and would charge around $80 for the whole thing :)

Here's a few example of finished characters:
You asked for it! by Prospass Shinobi by Prospass Lady Knight by Prospass Haldor by Prospass

Just send me a note if you're interested, :)

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Hi everyone,

Just a quick shameless plug post:
I recently created a Tumblr account to follow some people over there (It's getting hard to keep track of every great artist, not to mention people posting drawings on Twitter of all places!!), and some of my images seem to be posted there, so I thought I might as well fill up my own page! I'll keep it up-to-date along with my DA gallery.

So here you go, Tumblr people : D

It kinda looks like crap as I'm still struggling a bit with the interface, but I'm not THAT old, I'll figure it out eventually.
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Journal Entry: Wed Jan 23, 2013, 9:26 AM
Hurray for another random milestone!

I hope everyone had a cool, safe, and more importantly, snowy new year c:
All the snow's gone here, which is very sad, so for those who still have some, enjoy it while it lasts :D

Time for some new shameless promotion for talented friends, or worthy people here on DA you may not know yet :la:

Tied by Colorbind Grin Demon by Colorbind The Red Crowned by Lun-acy Snow White by kou-chann Commission- Ice queen Atevora by kou-chann Isbjorg by Alteya Kirenn by Alteya Man-O-War Demoliton Corp by MarkTarrisse Leonx Rider by MarkTarrisse Diabolic boss by Smirtouille Consumption by Smirtouille

Mature Content

HeartLady by joslin
Regina Murdock - Transolar Galactica by joslin 111 by sashafranz vehicule livestream by Asahisuperdry heavy infantery by Asahisuperdry :thumb348624773: The Toll by Wildweasel339 Red by Wildweasel339

On a more selfish note, I'd like to gently remind you that I'll post a lot of rough images on my blog here>  for those interested in not-so-finished work and jagged lines :D


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Launching a blog

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 4, 2012, 12:37 PM
Hey there!

I always feel bad flooding people with my digital studies here on DA, probably because some are just a big pile of garbage done super fast!
But I love seeing other artists garbage, so if you're interested in seeing mine, it's right there:

I'll try to update it as regularly as I can, probably with some quick sketches/roughs/steps that won't be posted here too.
And I think that's about it :>

Also, cool art :la::

Turtles World by Grosnez Petit Bombardier by CavalierediSpade:thumb329402689: Fairy Hunter by Davesrightmind Carrot King by Lun-acy


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40K, Awesome Art and commissions

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 3, 2012, 2:03 PM
Hey everyone :dummy:

I just reached 40,407 Pageviews, which is a totally random but awesome milestone, and a good time to put up some new features on my front page :>

I had a blast doing the TF2 team, and wanted to thank you all again for the sweet, sweet feedback and genuine discussions. <3
I've been asked multiple times if I was considering making some Male redesign too. I won't, but the good news is someone already did!

:iconcolorbind: Colorbind made a brillant, badass reboot of the whole team:
The Heavy by Colorbind The Scout by Colorbind The Pyro by Colorbind The Spy by Colorbind The Engineer by Colorbind The Demoman by Colorbind The Sniper by Colorbind The Soldier by Colorbind The Medic by Colorbind

I'd also like to feature some friends and talented deviants here that are worth your time :D

:iconmarktarrisse: Mark, who's always giving me some really cool, cold and honest opinions, and makes some badass HF/SF stuff:
Man-O-War Demoliton Corp by MarkTarrisse Leonx Rider by MarkTarrisse Geyser Salamander by MarkTarrisse

:iconjoslin: Joslin, who's quite good at drawing girls and makes me super jealous every time :3
Leather And Skull by joslin Untitled - 372 by joslin

Mature Content

The tie by joslin

Mature Content

Ronde by joslin

:iconalteya: Alteya, who's painting some gorgeous and colorful fan arts :meow:
Mari/Kyle by Alteya DA2 - Antares by Alteya ArxFatalis by Alteya

:iconsashafranz: Coffee-maniac, she knows something about colours too :love:
some new Karo by sashafranz no title again by sashafranz Dwarven lady by sashafranz

:iconlazetrauma: LazeTrauma, or Loupépite, or Loura, or whatever I should call her =p, who made a few collabs with me, and hopefully will do some more in the future, because I'm already in love with her new character Scabulle!
:thumb324424438::thumb324439407: :thumb324688183:

And a big special shout out to my dear friend and arch-nemesis Stephane Fert, who's not here on Deviantart, but is helping me a LOT with my clunky painting skills,
You'll find some of his colourful wonders and blue boobies on his portfolio here:…

And to wrap this up, I'm regularly asked for commissions by comments or notes. I'm up for a few character commissions this month so just send me a note if you're interested :D


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Beautiful People

Journal Entry: Wed Feb 15, 2012, 12:17 PM
Shameless promotion!

DA2 - Antares by Alteya ArxFatalis by Alteya Reen by Alteya
Karo wip by sashafranz dbknslwsj some headshots by sashafranz redhead by sashafranz
9mm - Drug lord by joslin Flip flops by joslin Wild by joslin

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